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External Drainage Membrane.

There is a Product Data Sheet available here to print.

Youtube video here. It is 7 years old so a bit out of date. But it might be useful to you.

The last membrane I will stock is particularly tough, yet cheap.
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Comparison table:
Basement Expert Newton 410 Geodrain Wykamol Geotex Membrane
Colour and material Black HDPE Black HDPE Various. HDPE
Density 1,100g/m² 740g/m² 900g/m²
Material thickness 1mm 0.6mm
Stud depth 8mm 9.6mm 8mm
Price per m² £2.50

If you buy either Newton 410 or Wykamol Geotex, their instructions tell you to peel back the geotextile filter layer and overlap the studded plastic layers before overlapping the filter layers.

Both also sell you a plastic covering strip for the top to stop dirt getting down between the two layers.

But the top covering strip doesn't really work across an overlap because the dimples in the two sheets don't marry up well.

It is so much easier, and usually much more effective, to put up the studded sheet first then to cover it in full-width (usually 4.5m) geotextile membrane, simply tucking it over the top to keep the dirt out from above and having plenty at the bottom to wrap over your land drain in one go.

external drainage membrane for basement

external drainage membrane

Full rolls £90 each. Delivery at cost. No VAT.

My rolls of drainage membrane arrived 20m long. The full width is 1.9m.

This means they each weigh 42kgs, which has proved to be a bit too much to handle.

I will happily sell you 5m, 10m or 15m for the same rate pro rata.

I will sell you bespoke lengths cut to order for the same rate plus 25%.

The width with studs is 1.8m. The flat edge at the top means a small overlap to keep the water draining correctly is very simple to achieve - much easier than trying to match up studs in two different sheets.

Please Note. You need to buy the filter membrane separately, for instance this. Keyline sell smaller packs as well.

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