self build waterproof basement formwork membrane concrete

I will answer all your questions.

For a one-off fee of £125.

This is a limitless service as long as it is concerned with only one basement project and your question is not trying to avoid another service I charge for, such as designing your formwork.
  self build basement

Every email you send will be answered as fully as I can and to the best of my knowledge and experience. I usually attach and refer to photos I took on my 100 or so basements I built or help build. I will draw a diagram just for you if it's necessary to explain a point.

Frankly, this is the cheapest way there is to find out whether you should probably not go ahead or how you should go ahead if it looks like your dreams fit your budget.

Some still-hopeful self builders who have paid this fee still ask questions occasionally some years later. And they still get a thorough answer.
  • How much might your scheme cost?

  • Help with understanding the Party Wall Act.

  • What to ask a soil investigation company, in your case.

  • Deciding on the floor over your basement.

  • ANYTHING, EVERYTHING, for as long as you are planning your basement and the details.
Email and ask for a proforma invoice. The service starts as soon as you choose to pay.

You can make a better decision sooner and get more excited or get over your disappointment more easily if get independent advice cheaply and quickly compared to biased advice from a company selling its service or a chartered professional who wants hundreds of pounds for every hour and keeps you waiting weeks till he gets around to you.

If your scheme is a bad idea I will explain why. This is what one customer wrote back to me:

" Thank you ever so much for your comprehensive assessment. Whilst disappointing to hear, I agree with your conclusions that my project is not viable. For £125, your analysis is a bargain. I could have ended up spending much more to reach the same conclusion. "

I run two businesses. Me, Phil Sacre, and Basement Expert Ltd.

That allows me not to charge VAT on advice but the limited company adds VAT to product sales.

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