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How I save my customers money.

There are so many ways money can be wasted when you don't have much experience doing something you have never done before.

In general, the construction industry builds basements that leak. That is why there is a plethora of products to spend a huge amount of money on that claim to improve workmanship or solve the problems created by poor workmanship.

  self build basement

The absolute truth is that you don't need any of them if you don't have poor workmanship. But your architect and your engineer will be keen to protect themselves by telling you to use a whole host of expensive stuff, whether it actually does any good or not.

Projects where I helped generally went well. Most customers became friends. I am being honest. Some customers insisted they knew better, made everything very complicated and we fell out. The majority listened. They became friends.

Methods that avoid leaks save money.

Supervision saves money.

Unnecessary products cost money.

Leaks cost money.
Just a few examples of a lack of supervision that made the news.
  1. A leisure centre in Scotland.

  2. London basements.

  3. The BRE report to the Police following the Grenfell fire.

If you spend your money with me and you and your team do as I explain and direct I will guarantee that your concrete structure is waterproof and I will personally fix any visible ingress of water free of charge.

This is the best guarantee of its type available in the UK.

Me supervising.

The same slab finished - and sprayed with water to prevent surface cracking because this was a very hot day.

Please note. Any project too far away for me to travel and back in a day will be subject to accommodation charges at cost - if I agree to do it.

I add VAT to products sold through Basement Expert Ltd but I do not add VAT to advice supplied by me, Phillip Sacre.

I don't give credit. All payments just in time in advance against emailed invoice.

I tell you:
  1. no kickers

  2. no hydrophylic tapes, strips or carpets

  3. no external waterproofing (distinct from drainage)

  4. don't use full height formwork

  5. avoid stop ends

  6. have an upstand at the top of the wall

  7. you must have supervision of all waterproof concrete.

  8. Do all this and you won't need internal drainage, sump, pump etc. (if this is a new basement for yourself because you can move in before you cover the basement walls over).

I supply:
  1. Basement advice by email.

  2. Slab levelling system.

  3. Supervision and a guarantee to fix any leaks.

  4. Completely waterproof concrete (by supplying an effective admixture).

  5. FRP wall rods that leave no holes.

  6. Cheaper yet stronger external drainage membrane.
Generally I get told basements built my way cost 30% less than they would have paid a firm that does this all the time. Add to that no additional cost fixing leaks or the bad effects of leaks - or internal drainage either.

I save at least 50% of the total cost of most new build basements.

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