self build waterproof basement formwork membrane concrete

When should you start?

Probably more important: when should you be ready to start?

  self build basement
It is more important to consider when should you be ready to start because the start date always slips.

Usually by months.

Sometimes by years.

The reasons basements start years late would be to do with
  1. Party Wall Agreements

  2. Structural Design

  3. Going back to Planning

  4. Finance

  5. Illness

  6. Planning Conditions
When should you start.
  • June has the longest days but it is usually the hottest, making concreting your floor slb many, many times more difficult.

  • Hot weather in June is the most likely time any clay in the sides of your excavation will dry, crack and fall.

  • If you have any sand or silt in your soil you will want to excavate while it is very dry.

  • When the tree leaves open, they take uo a huge amount of moisture, drying the ground.

  • Men have least work, so they are easier to find and cheaper, between Christmas and Spring.

  • The days are very short a month either side of December 21st.

  • As plans drag on your better half will want a holiday.
The truth is, without a structural design you don't know when you can start and engineers have very long waiting lists - especially the good ones.

You should not get a structural design before you finalise your planning or before you have a thorough soil report.

Just those 3 things usually take almost a year.